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Discount on slightly damaged items

RA Ring

Since the Full RA Ring is a quite long and difficult print, imperfections can happen. But because it takes a lot of time and material i'd hate to throw them away for minor things. This includes prints that have failed during the last layer or prints prints that have lifted from the print surface at the upper parts, where it wont affect performance. That is why I'll offer them at 50% discount, while also guaranteeing to you that the issues are purely visual and will not impact performance at all. 

Use the code 'IMPERFECTIONRA'. If the code is not valid, there are currently no imperfect items in stock.

50/183 Lens

The lenses sometimes come slightly damaged from the factory or shipping. I offer a 50% discount for slighty damaged items that will not impact performance.

As an example:

This chip on the outer surface will not impact performance, but i cant sell these at full price. To get 50% off use the code:


If the code is not valid, there are no damaged items in stock.