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Get 10% off an OpenAstroGuider v3 when buying together with an OAT Kit!
Get 10% off an OpenAstroGuider v3 when buying together with an OAT Kit!


OpenAstroTracker - Single piece RA Ring

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€20,00 - €20,00
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This RA Ring for the OpenAstroTracker is printed in a single piece and has the middle part reinforced. This reduces the error caused by joining the ring from several pieces and will increase the consistency of Polar alignment. 

Please use this RA motor mount with this ring. 

NEW! All RA Rings now come pre-inserted with M3 threaded inserts!

For maximum sturdiness, the ring is printed with a 0.6mm nozzle, 0.65mm line width and 8 perimeters. The material is quality PLA made in Austria. The color is matte black. 

Since the print takes quite long, your order may take a couple days to ship!

Get 50% on slightly imperfect prints. More information here.

Please check the Shipping Information page to see if shipping to your country is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Michael Smith
    OAT Single piece RA ring

    Item arrived promptly and was very well packaged. Well made and works exactly as specified.

    Adam Maciaszek
    I never received anything

    It shiped on the 21st 5 weeks ago and DHL must have lost my package and I have received nothing zero updates

    JF Rouanet
    Very high quality!

    The one piece RA ring is printed in very high quality, looks very sturdy. Really well packed.
    My grandson will appreciate the Harribos !
    Thank you.

    Klemens Waldhör
    Replacement part - fast delivery

    Perfect, can reconstruct my tracker, old RA ring was deformed.

    Laurent Delvoye
    A Big Surprise

    When I was in Curacao last year to do my period of coral reef research, I found the Open Astro Tracker by chance when surfing on the internet during the evening hours. I was instantly seized by the concept. By training I'm a medical biologist, but an amateur astronomer as well. Besides that, as a parallel career I did coral reef research for more than 40 years. And even more so, now that I am retired with my 77 years of age. During the covid lockdowns in my country I designed and build a 143mm Coude Cassegrain and for that I need a sturdy mount. And that's how the OpenAstrotracker came into view. I decided to build the the Tracker first - for the much needed experience. And construct the Open AstroMount later. For that I had to learn how to work with a 3D-printer - I'm totally ignorant in that field. So I purchased a DIY 3D printer kit and somehow managed to get it working. The large wheel was to large to print, so that's why I ordered it. I't is of excellent design, and now that all parts have been printed, I can appreciate the neatness and finish of the large wheel. Now I'm struggling with the electronics. So far, I did not succeed in building the firmware for the board. In this respect I'm also a complete ignorant. Maybe I should invoke some help. For this Tracker I have a Canon Mark II 5D camera and a Canon EOS 60D camera and some old objectives at my disposal.
    But my goal is to build the Open AstroMount for my telecope. As a base I have a sturdy column of aluminium and steel on my flat roof top.
    In short, I admire all the people involved in the design of these wonderful mounts and I hope they will continue their good work!