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OpenAstroMount - Screws & Nuts

Original price €46,00 - Original price €46,00
Original price
€46,00 - €46,00
Current price €46,00

All screws and nuts for assembling an OpenAstroMount.

Screws are either 8.8/10.9 zink plated or A2 stainless. 


4x M3x6

30x M3x10

100x M3x12

200x M4x12

12x M5x12

8x M5x20

6x M5x30

2x M5x20 FH

32x M5/M6x20 FH


2x M5/M6x40 thumbscrew

4x M3x12 thumbscrew

6x M4x12 thumbscrew


8x M5 Nuts

1x M10 Nut


50x M3 washer

16x M6 washer

32x 6x12x0.5 shim


200x M4 TNut

20x M5 TNut


100x M3x4.6x6 insert

10x M4x6x5 insert

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