OpenAstroTracker - DIY  Kit
OpenAstroTracker - DIY  Kit

OpenAstroTracker - DIY Kit

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Now available in the EU!

Build it yourself!

The DIY Kit includes everything you need to build your own OpenAstroTracker and get started in Astrophotography! You will need your own camera though.

The OpenAstroGuider is not included! Check it out and take your exposures to the extreme!

Automatic GoTo

Unseen in any mount in this priceclass, the OpenAstroTracker features full automatic GoTo.

Highly Accurate

Utilizing high Quality 0.9° NEMA Steppers and cutting edge stepper drivers, the OpenAstroTracker achieves high precision without the need for gears!

Smart Features

Dont worry about finding your targets! The OpenAstroTracker will do it for you.

Fully Compatible

Our software and drivers are fully compatible with a variety of Astronomy Software.

Electronics Pre-assembled

Don’t worry about wiring! All the electronic components come pre-assembled and tested.




Dimensions 40 x 26 x 36 cm
Weight 3.2 kg
Max Payload
2.5 kg
Power Supply
USB, 5V, max 2A (any USB powerbank)
Max recommended focal length
200mm, without Autoguiding
Max Camera and lens length
30 – 35cm
Positioning Accuracy (GoTo)
1 arcmin
Tracking Accuracy (unguided)
25 arcseconds
Guided Accuracy
1 arcseconds RMS avg.
Compatibility ASCOM, Ekos (limited)
ST4 interface No


What's included?

  • MKS Gen L v2.1 + required wires
  • 2x TMC2209
  • 2x 0.9° NEMA17
  • Bearings
  • Screws & Nuts
  • Pulleys & Belts, pre-cut
  • Bubble Level
  • Tools for assembly
  • Camera Clamp
  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • Printed Parts

What do you need?

  • A camera and lens, see the recommended specs above.
  • A USB powerbank able to deliver at least 5V 1A
  • Laptop, not strictly required but needed for the full potential of the OpenAstroTracker


Guides, Firmware etc.

Check out this page

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Klemens Waldhör
Fast delivery

Fast delivery, builing it was fun. And good support with problems. Testing in the next days.

Sehr gut

Der Astrotracker erfüllt sehr gut seine Bestimmung. Er ist sehr gut gefertigt und läuft völlig geräuschlos (sehr leise). Die Unterstützung der Polausrichten ist sehr hilfreich und einfach durchzuführen.
Leider konnte ich, auf Grund des Wetters noch keine Aufnahmen machen.
Was mir gut gefällt: Er funktioniert auch einwandfrei mit einer 5V Powerbank. Somit bin ich mit einer DSLR und Astrotracker im Feld Netzunabhängig.
Danke an Astrotracker Entwickler !!!! :-))